Alan Irving - Chair
Dr Alan Irving

Alan has served on Greenbank’s Council of Management since 2008 and became Chair in 2009.

He has considerable experience in the education sector and was a secondary school head teacher for 16 years (11-18 years olds). He is also a former Director of Schools and Chief Education Officer – Inner City Schools. He’s chaired various committees, boards and meetings and has acquired considerable leadership and management experience.


“The local community is fortunate to have an organisation as unique and adventurous as Greenbank, always wanting the best for its students and service users and always trying to help people fulfil their dreams. It is a pleasure to serve as its Chair.”

Sandra Hulme - Trustee
Sandra Hulme
Vice Chair

Sandra has a disability and has volunteered at Greenbank for over 30 years and is motivated by a desire to encourage and help dispel some negative myths about employing people with disabilities.

She has worked in the private, voluntary and public sectors in a variety of roles including, administration, training, operational management, human resources and financial management during her career.

She took a number of qualifications as an adult starting with ‘A’ Levels in her late 30’s progressing to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) diploma in her late 40’s and culminating in achieving a Masters Degree in Executive Leadership in her late 50’s!


“I think that there have been massive improvements in how society now perceives disabled people in general but also feel there is still some way to go, especially in the job market, where I think there are still some organisations that are very reluctant to hire anyone with a disability be that physical or mental illness, as they think they will be off sick a lot and can’t contribute, but in my experience ‘reality’ is the complete opposite.”

Teresa (Tracy) Murphy

Tracy has considerable experience in the education sector and has worked as a Senior Finance Manager at Liverpool John Moores University for over 30 years.

Working within the Finance Senior Leadership team, she has managed income, expenditure, payroll and insurance functions of the University and is currently supporting business process improvements and efficiencies programmes.


“I have first-hand experience of Greenbank College as my son studied here for a number of years. I am a supporter of empowering all students to reach their full potential through education and sport.”

John Lennon - Trustee
John Lennon
Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee

John has supported Greenbank for many years following a two year work secondment at the charity and is the current Chair of the Finance Sub-Committee.

Now retired, he formerly worked for the Riverside Housing Company managing building contracts and day to day repair services, for 27 years. He’s got various technical qualifications including HNC in Building Studies. He’s also got an Open University Diploma in The Effective Manager.

He was appointed as The Greenbank Project Secretary in 22/09/03.

Emma Hulme
Emma Hulme
Council of Management

Emma is an experienced Staffing and Recruitment specialist. She has worked in this field, across a variety of different sectors, in London and Merseyside for over 14 years and currently works as a Recruitment and Retention Manager for a large sporting venue in Liverpool.

Emma was appointed to Greenbank’s Council of Management in February 2016.

“I have been involved with fundraising for Greenbank since I can remember, with the charity being a massive part of my upbringing. I know how far it has come and what amazing achievements have been accomplished. I am delighted, now that I have moved back to Liverpool, to be able to get more involved again. ”

Sean Marshall

Sean joined Greenbank’s board of Trustees in 2019 and currently serves as its Treasurer.

“My involvement with Greenbank started a number of years ago when my brother attended the College. The work that charities and organisations such as Greenbank do is vital to our communities. I am looking to draw on my experience in finance, property and construction to assist the board in anyway I can.”

Anthony Baines

Anthony has over 20 years experience in the learning and skills sector and holds an honours degree in geography, a masters degree in business administration and is a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.  He has worked in a range of public and private organisations commissioning and delivering learning and skills provision projects and programmes, which has included setting up an apprenticeship company.

Anthony is currently a senior manager in local government as a commissioner of skills and employability provision and works with partners and government in delivering the wider employment and skills agenda in Staffordshire.

Darrell Young

Darrell’s background has been in the development of individuals and he spent 12 years in the Royal Marines helping to develop, train, and prepare individuals for operations around the world. Darrell then devoted the last 18 months of his career in the Royal Marines as a staff instructor at the Royal Navel HQ building in Liverpool as a training reservist for deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since leaving the forces in 2008, Darrell has worked in Health and Safety as a trainer and consultant working on schools, hospitals and new-build projects, as well as supporting small and medium-sized businesses to manage their health, safety and well-being needs. Outside of his day job, Darrell plays an active role in his local church where he supports the youth leader with the various clubs and activities.

“It is a privilege to have been asked to join the Board of Trustees and I look forward to the challenges ahead. I have always believed that life is a journey and that if I can play a small part in helping others reach their potential on their journey, then I am happy.”